March 11—13, 2015  •  Joint SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting
The Joint Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Fishery Workers Association and the South Carolina Chapter of the American Fisheries Society was held March 11-13, 2015 at Santee State Park


January 23—26, 2014  •  2014 Southern Division and Joint SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting
The SC chapter of the AFS hosted the 2014 Southern Division annual meeting in Charleston, SC from January 23-26th, at the Francis Marion Hotel in downtown Charleston. Thanks to all of our SC AFS members that were involved with the planning and execution of an extremely successful 2014 Southern Division AFS Meeting. from the SD AFS meeting are now available.


January 30—February 1, 2013  •  Joint SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting
The 2013 joint annual meeting of the South Carolina American Fisheries Society (SCAFS) and the South Carolina Fisheries Workers Association (SCFWA) was held at Hickory Knob State Park, McCormick, SC, on Wednesday-Friday, January 30th- February 1st, 2013. The archived 2013 Meeting Program is available


February 15—16  •  Joint SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting
The 2012 Joint Meeting of the South Carolina chapter of the American Fisheries Society and the South Carolina Fisheries Workers Association was held on February 15th and 16th at Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island


February 9—10  •  Joint SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting
The South Carolina Fisheries Workers Association (SCFWA) and the South Carolina American Fisheries Society (SCAFS) held their joint annual meeting on Wednesday-Thursday, February 9-10, 2011 at at Santee State Park, SC.


February 10  •  Kevin Kubach Awarded 2010 Bayless Award
The SC-AFS Jack Bayless Award for Best Professional Paper at our 2009 annual meeting went to Kevin Kubach (SCDNR) for his presentation “What’s out there? Estimating statewide stream conditions in the South Carolina Stream Assessment,” co-authored with Mark Scott (SCDNR)
February 9—10  •  Joint SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting
The South Carolina Fisheries Workers Association (SCFWA) and the South Carolina American Fisheries Society (SCAFS) held their joint annual meeting on Tuesday-Wednesday, February 9-10, 2010 at SCDNR Fort Johnson. Thanks to all that attended and assisted with the highly successful meeting and the social at the Charleston Aquarium.


October 6  •  SC AFS praised for contributions to highly successfull 2009 AFS annual meeting
In October 2009, the South Carolina Chapter of the AFS received a Thank You letter and Certificate of Appreciation from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the Tennessee Chapter of the AFS. The letter recognized the SC Chapter for their “contributions in making the [2009] Annual meeting of the AFS in Nashville, TN … the best AFS Annual meeting in its 139 year history.”
August  •  Standard Methods for Sampling North American Freshwater Fishes – New Book
In August 2009, the AFS published this important new reference book. The book is a product of it’s editors (Scott A. Bonar, Wayne A. Hubert, and David W. Willis) and 284 biologists and managers from 107 agencies, universities, and businesses. A book announcement is available with more information. The publication can be ordered online directly from the AFS Books web site.
February 15 — March 15, 2009  •  Freshwater Fishes of South Carolina – Pre-Publication Discount
Through March 15th, 2009, A pre-publication discount is being offered on the new book Freshwater Fishes of South Carolina written by Fred C. Rohde, Rudolf G. Arndt, Jeffrey W. Foltz, and Joseph M. Quattro. An announcement and ordering flyer and a preview of the books jacket are available for those interested in this valuable new publication.
February 12  •  Andrew Ray Awarded 2009 Bayless Award
Andrew Ray was announced as the winner of the 2009 Bayless Award at our Annual Meeting on February 12, 2009 at the Clemson University Outdoor Lab, SC. The award was for Andrew’s presentation “Relationships between shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) growth parameters and microbial activity in zero-exchange culture systems” which he presented on February 4, 2008 at the SC-AFS annual meeting at Santee State Park, SC.


October 2  •  SC-AFS/SCFWA 2008 Fall Workshop – Aquatic Invasive Species
Our 2008 Fall Workshop – “Aquatic Invasive Species” – was offered jointly by the South Carolina Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (SC-AFS) and the South Carolina Fisheries Workers Association (SCFWA) on October 2, 2008 from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM at the Clemson Sandhill Research and Education Center Lake House in Columbia, SC. The archived AgendaPresentationsAnnouncement, and Registration Form are still available.
February 29  •  South Carolina Chapter Receives the Outstanding Small Chapter Award
SC received the outstanding Small Chapter Award on February 29 2008 by the Southern Division. This award is a testament to the hard work of officers and membership in our chapter. The award recognizes outstanding professionalism, active resource protection, and enhancement programs, as well as a strong commitment to the mission of the Society. The South Carolina chapter has been selected in recognition of its accomplishments in the areas of Aquatic Stewardship, Information Transfer and Outreach, and Member Services. The award was presented at the 2008 AFS Annual Meeting in Ottawa, Canada, during the Business Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, August 19th, 3:30-5:30 PM at the Chateau Laurier, Ballroom.
February 4—5  •  Joint SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting
Celebrating 25 years of SC-AFS — On February 4-5, 2008, the South Carolina Fisheries Workers Association (SCFWA) and the South Carolina American Fisheries Society (SC-AFS) held a very successful joint annual meeting at Santee State Park in Santee, SC. Participation of 120 fisheries professionals and students from across the state and outside SC exceeded all expectations. The 27 quality oral presentations (8 by students) and 9 posters represented a variety of fisheries related projects and research. This 25th anniversary meeting of the SC-AFS was celebrated in the presence of our first SC-AFS president: Dr. Reggie Harrell, our first president-elect: Dr. John Mark Dean, and our first secretary treasurer: Dr. Jim Bulak, who were recognized during the business meeting on Monday afternoon. During the social many caught up with old friends and made new ones while enjoying some good food, drinks, music, and photo’s from the distant and not so distant past.  Archived meeting announcement …


November 9  •  SC-AFS Fall Workshop – Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management in South Carolina
The SC-AFS, chartered on September 24, 1982, is planning to open its 25th year with a workshop focused around “Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management in South Carolina”. This event will take place on Friday November 9 from 1:00-4:30pm in the Russell House Theater at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. The workshop will open with three key note presentations, each highlighting a different aspect of fisheries in SC. The speakers will set the stage for a forum discussion about ecosystem based fisheries management. This forum discussion will be moderated by Dr. John Mark Dean and forum members will represent diverse aspects of SC fisheries, such as marine and freshwater environments, fisheries management, legal and political aspects, socio-economic facets, commercial and recreational fisheries, conservation, etc. We expect attendance of people with a wide range of natural resource management interests and we will encourage active participation of the audience in the discussions. The program is will be followed by a reception from 5-7pm for SC-AFS members and workshop participants.  More InfoMap and DirectionsProgram …
April 5  •  AFS Moves to New Book Warehouse
AFS has moved our book warehouse operation. You may now order books by contacting our new orders department operated by Books International. For more information please visit the AFS online bookstore –
April — August 1, 2007  •  2007 Clarence W. Watson Award Nominations
Nominations are being sought for the 2007 Clarence W. Watson Award. This annual award will be presented at the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Annual Conference in Charleston, West Virginia, October 21-24, 2007. Nominations should be sent to: Robert Warren, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602;; 706-542-4741 as soon as possible, but not later than August 1, 2007.  More Info …
January 23—25  •  Joint GAAFS/SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting
The 2007 annual meeting was held jointly with the SCFWA and the GA chapter of the AFS on January 23-25, 2007 at Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia, just a stone throw across the SC-GA border. The Program [.pdf], and Available Abstracts [.pdf] are still available for download.


December 1  •  SCAFS Web Site Redeveloped and Relaunched
On December 1, 2006 a new SCAFS web site was relaunched after a complete redelopment by SCAFS’s new webmaster Tim Snoots. The site now has a new look and uses modern web design standards to ensure that the site performs well on all web browsers, loads fast, looks good, prints well, and is accessible to those with disabilities. In addition, the site was moved to a SCDNR web server to save SCAFS about $20 a month in web hosting fees.  More Info …
November 18  •  Fall workshop
Glenn Ulrich and Josh Loeffer (SC-DNR) held a fall workshop on shark identification. (Report [.pdf])
February 17  •  George Sedberry named Conservationist of the Year
Goerge Sedberry was awarded the Conservationist of the Year, by the South Carolina Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. This is the most prestigious award of the SC Chapter, recognizing outstanding contributions in the conservation of the South Carolina fisheries resources (See our newsletter for details.
February 17  •  New Officers Elected at 2006 Meeting
The following officers were elected at the 2006 Annual Meeting: Jeanne Riley (president elect) and Carrie Hendrix (secretary/treasurer)
February 17  •  Annual Meeting Concludes
The 2006 annual meeting was held at the SCDNR’s Marine Resources Research Institute in Charleston, SC on February 16-17, 2006. The meeting was highly successful with record attendance, 34 presentations in 5 sessions, 17 posters, and 158 registered participants)


February 7  •  Jessica Stephens wins 2005 Bayless Award
Jessica Stephen was announced as the winner of the 2005 Bayless Award at the Annual Meeting. The award was for Jessica’s presentation “Characterization of commercial reef fish catch and by-catch off the SE coast of the U.S.” which she presented on February 7, 2005 at the annual meeting in Clemson, SC